You need a domain name to start your website. There are a plethora of Domain Registrars, and choosing one can be difficult. Here is a curated list of Top Domain registrars to easily buy domains.

1) Namecheap

NameCheap is an ICANN-accredited domain name service provider company. It has more than 10 million domains under management. This domain name registration company is providing popular TLDs at a cost-effective price along with unparalleled services one needs alongside domain registration.

Namecheap also offers:

  • Simple checkout process
  • Limited upsells
  • Free privacy protection
  • 24/7 live chat support and 2-hour ticket response
  • Allows you to find and buy a domain name in 2 minutes

NameCheap Support Review:

We can trust NameCheap for its support. You will get quick support via live chat and support ticket. Moreover, it offers fresh news and quick updates.

What NameCheap Is Missing

NameCheap doesn't provide any email address with each domain name, free.
GoDaddy is the famous domain name registrar and the leader in the domain name industry. It provides popular top-level domains, both general and country-specific domains at a reasonable price. It allows you to choose a domain name from GoDaddy and start an online business or personal website.

GoDaddy Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)
1st Year (Purchase)$2.99*$11.99*$13.99*$2.99*$2.99*
2nd Year (Renewal)$17.99$20.99$19.99$19.99$34.99
**There is a specific amount of discount offered on most of the domains at GoDaddy if you purchase contract for two years or more.

Additional services that GoDaddy offers

  • Domain Extensions – GoDaddy offers hundreds of domain extensions you can search for by categories like education, health, or real estate.
  • Privacy Protection – Offers protection replaces your contact information in the public domain database with general information from GoDaddy's partner, Domains by Proxy.
  • Domain Lock – GoDaddy's domain lock blocks accidental or unauthorized domain transfers.
  • Domain Broker – You can hire your GoDaddy Broker which negotiate with a domain's current owner to purchase it from them.
  • Personal Domains – To give a professional feel to our site or for branding or e-commerce marketing, you can purchase a domain and link with a social media platform.
  • Domain Value Appraisal – GoDaddy appraise any domain name for free. In this scheme, you will learn exactly how much you should pay to acquire it.
  • Email – Godaddy also offers email services so when you purchase a domain name and allows you to add a matching email address to it.

GoDaddy Domains Support Review

GoDaddy's becomes a popular domain name register as it offers high-quality service and best in class support to its customers.
They have a great community with a number of forums, question answers, and tutorials with dedicated contributors. Moreover, you can contact them via phone and chat for instant support. Their support team is 24*7 available for you.

What GoDaddy Is Missing

GoDaddy's domains are quite expensive compared to other domain registrar prices on the market, including those offered by HostGator, Bluehost, and Hover.

Additional features of Gandi

  • Over 700 extensions: Offers largest catalogs of new TLDs, to which we add more every week
  • Free SSL Certificate: Domain name registration comes with a free 1-year Standard SSL certificate.
  • 2 email mailboxes1000: alias included, forwarding addresses…
  • Multi-device support: Gandi allows you to manage your domain names and other products seamlessly on multiple devices. is one of the best domain registration company. The company promises to bring the highest quality products and services at the most affordable prices. Apart from domain names, it also provides web hosting services, professional email services, SSL certificates, web design, etc. Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)
1st Year ( Purchase)$9.99$14.99$12.99$19.98$40.98
2nd Year (Renewal)$9.99$14.99$12.99$19.98$40.98

Additional services that Domain offers

ICANN accreditation: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers supervised its system of domain registration.
Contract length and auto-renewal: Domain registrars offer anywhere from single-year to maximum 10-year contract timeframes.
Domain transfer: It is possible to transfer a domain from one registrar to another for whatever reason Domains Support review: offering 24/7 support to its customers. In their support page, you will find plenty of articles in the user guide and knowledge base to guide you through. If you do not get your answers, you can contact them via live chat, or contact them via phone.

What Domain name is missing

In case if your domain name has expired and no one else has registered it. At that time, you need to contact your registrar immediately to discuss what alternatives you have for renewing your domain name. is a dependable domain name registrar which provide top-level domain names (TLDs) at the most cost-effective price. It is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, which is one of the top domain providers on the web. Domains Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)
1st Year (Purchase)$8.99*$12.99$10.99*$13.99$19.99*
2nd Year (Renewal)$12.99$12.99$14.99$13.99$28.00 Domains Support Review

It lacks live chat and phone support, which are taken as the most effective means for instant support. However, it has a rich knowledge base with several questions answered. You need to create either support ticket or contact the support team via social media accounts.
Domain Restoration Fee: Varies by TLD. Please visit their site support for further pricing details.
Hover is ideal domain name generator for businesses that need help choosing a domain name, perhaps the domain name you wants to use might be taken. Most registrars will suggest domain options, but Hover offers the best recommendations for you. Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)
1st Year (Purchase)$12.99$13.99$15.49$13.49$25.99
2nd Year (Renewal)$14.99$15.99$17.49$15.49$25.99
You check their complete TLDs in this link.

Additional features of Hover:

  • Domain Extensions – Hover offers .net and .com extensions, across hundreds of unique domain extensions.
  • Domain Privacy – You will also get free domain privacy with each domain, which conceals your address, phone number, and email address.
  • Transfer Lock-It allows you to lock your domains from any unauthorized accessed.
  • Email – You can purchase a business email account separately.

Hover Support Review

Hover allows you to reach out them via phone, email, or live chat. However, customer support only available from 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday and 12-5PM on weekends (Saturday and
Sunday). This can be an issue if you live in a different time zone.

What Hover Is Missing

Hover does not offer 24/7 customer support like Bluehost, and some other domain registrars do. Moreover, their domain names is quite expensive compared to other Domain register companies.

Additional features of Registers

Excellent pricing: Value for money as it offers the best pricing plans.
A wide variety of options: It offers plenty of domain name options for you to register.
ICANN accredited registrar: You will get the domain name which is ICANN accredited.

Register TLDs is their lack of transparency in their pricing. I couldn't find a full list of prices for TLDs, and when I searched for domains, none of the options provided had prices listed.

Register support review

Register offers one of the best customer support and offers on all our services, including domain names, email, Web hosting, Web site builders, etc.

What is Register missing?

Lack of price transparency is surely one thing that needs certain improvement by site.
Enom is another domain name registrar who offers top-level domains (TLDs) and new domain extensions. It is included in the list of top domain registrar site.

Enom Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)
1st Year (Purchase)$13.95$14.75$18$18$32.50
2nd Year (Renewal)$13.95$16.16$18$18$32.50

Additional services offered by Enom

  • Professional email
  • SSL certificates
  • Website builder
  • Free web applications
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • E-commerce support

Enom support review:

Enom doesn't offer any live chat support feature.

What is missing in Enom?

It does not offer any free domain services.
Visit: Link:


FXDomains is a well-known domain registrar service. It is a mid-range or lower-performing brand within its category.

Additional Features of FXDomains

  • Offers website security and privacy details
  • Offers promo codes details
  • Offers details about the contact information
  • Offers more frequent discounts and promotions than

Fxdomains TLDs
1st Year (Purchase)$8.99$9.99$11.99$2.99S9.99
Find out more detail in this link.

Support review of Fxdomains

Fxdomain offers 24/7 support for email and chat and call.

What is missing in Fxdomain?

Visit: Link:

Buydomains TLDs

They also offer a wide range of v TLDs. However, it all depends on the domain name you want. Mostly, any TLD that isn't .com or .org isn't classed as a premium domain. Therefore your opinion is very limited.
  • Easy user interface
  • Offer simple domain name services to their clients.

What is missing in buydomains?

  • Not an ICANN accredited provider
  • Planning price is overvalued.
  • Poor online reputation
1&1 offers a custom email address with any domain purchase, a free SSL certificate, and free WHOIS privacy protection. You will also get to its other product offerings, like hosting and advanced email.

Pricing TLDs:

However, the $0.99 domain registration is only for the first year. After this initial period, the yearly cost of a domain renewal will jump back up to $14.99.

Additional services offered by 1&1

  • Domain Privacy: This feature helps you to hide personal contact information, preventing spam and identity theft, 1&1
  • Domain Lock: This feature ensures your domain cannot be transferred without authorization from you.
  • Domain Transfers: It allows you to transfer the domain name for free.
  • Pre-registration: If you know that a domain extension is soon to hit the market, it allows you to pre-register for a domain using that extension.
  • Email: 1&1 IONOS offers a free matching email address with each domain name you register.

1&1 IONOS support review

When you purchase a domain name from 1&1 IONOS, you also get access to a personal consultant who's available 24/7 via phone, onsite chat, or email to answer any questions. These consultations include tips on how to best market your business and what products can help.

What 1&1 IONOS Is Missing

The biggest missing part of 1&1 IONOS' is that it's a version of a control panel is cluttered, dated, and not intuitive sharp as some other domain name registrars.

11) Buydomains

Buydomains helps you to find a relevant domain name to your business will provide you a storefront online. It allows your customers the most access to your products as possible.
Google also offers domain registration feature. It is a straightforward provider that consider s speed and simplicity at the top of its priority list.

Additional features of Google Domains

  • Familiar and easy to use Google-style interface
  • Zero upsells
  • Excellent support
  • Customizable sub-domains
  • Easy integration with top website builders
  • Easy-to-use

What is Google Domain missing?

The pricing is fractionally above average, and a few TLDs aren't supported.
Dynadot provides a solid marketplace where you can do just that. You can bid on domains up for auction, browse domains for sale, list your domain for sale, or put a domain on backorder so you can snag it if it becomes available.

Pricing TLDs:

Not given

Additional features of Dynadot

  • Free website builder tool with mobile-responsive templates;
  • Affordable email and web hosting
  • Free domain name with website builder plans.

Dynadot support review:

Dynadot's support wasn't always as impressive, with live chat being offline when we checked. Moreover, the website does have a publicly available forum allowing anyone to browse common questions.

What is Dynadot missing?

It does not offer any other VPS plans or other web hosting options. Moreover, web hosting service not suitable for beginners.

Network solutions support review:

Their provide 24/7 and is extremely tech-savvy. They will able to solve your most pressing issues.

What Network solutions is missing

The interface is quite complex, which is hard to understand. So it is a little difficult to figure out.


What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is an address where Internet users able to access their website.
Why do you need a Domain Name?
Your registered domain name helps you to protect copyrights and trademarks, increase brand awareness, and improves search engine positioning of your website.
Can you change a Domain name once you register it?
Yes, you can change the domain name of your website.
What is a TLD?
TLD refers to the Top-level domain (TLD) refers to the last segment of a domain name or the part which follows immediately after "dot" symbol. TLDs are classified into two categories: generic TLDs and country-specific TLDs.
What does registrar suspension mean?
It means a registrar's ability to sponsor new domain names or initiate inbound transfers is temporarily suspended by your domain name registration website.
Who should register a domain name?
Individual or a firm who wants to create his or her presence on the Internet should register a domain name.
My site is not ready, can I still register my domain name?
Yes, you can and use it when your site is ready.

How to Register To a Domain

Step 1) Go to Domain Registrar.
Go to and enter the domain name you want to register.
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