Discounts are dominant during the ConvertKit Black Friday sales and you can always expect to save some cut for your pocket for this prominent email marketing tool. 
Getting such professional software at such a discount is surely not the usual thing. 
Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity and grab the chance of getting huge discounts with the Convertkit Black Friday deals and get furthermore freebies as well. 
Black Friday is the day only meant for shoppers. During the week of this, the prices become very low for literally everything. Furthermore, such a sale in a product like ConvertKit sounds like a dream comes true. 
It is indeed the best email marketing tool for bloggers and easy to use as well. But the thing that makes it inaccessible is the price of this software. But not today, because the ConvertKit Black Friday sale is here to save the day.

ConvertKit Black Friday Deals Details

Regular Price
Black Friday Price
Starter Kit
$1100 OFF
In this Black Friday, convertkit offers a huge discount on their plans and with that, there are also giving one more bonus,
  • Free 12 months of ConvertKit upto 1000 subscribers
  • You'll also get ConvertKit Creator Pass Pro for free
  • 90 day trial of the Teachable course platform
  • You'll also get an email template to grow your email list fast
  • An Ebook of Authority written by Nathan Bary (CEO Of ConvertKit)
  • "I am a blogger" psychical hardcopy (Exclusive FREE)
Note: Convertkit Black Friday deal will start from 1st December 2019

Reason to Choose ConvertKit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

I want to recommend you to grab this amazing deal because I personally used it and many top affiliate marketer like Pat Flynn use this tool, see some amazing features which convertkit is providing at very affordable price.

1. Simple UI

The UI of this amazing email marketing software is very minimal and is completely free of clutters. It just certainly fits the bill for a first time user and he can understand the use of every option with ease. 
It doesn’t matter if you want to make a form for lead generation or want to visualize the automation, you can do all this with the help of some clicks. 

2. Email Statistics

The subscription list is a must for creating an email list that you can also use as solon ads. We just love it when our call to action works. But how you will be able to track these statistics in a proper manner? By using ConvertKit!
It can show you a lot of statistics such as the subscribers you have, people who unsubscribed, CTR, open rates, and a lot more statistics. 
It even tells you the sequence in which people subscribed!
Moreover, it shows the data in a graphical manner so that you can be able to compare the campaigns that you run and see which of them works so that you can plan much better for the next one.

3. Landing Page and Tag-Based System

The whole process of marketing has been made really simple by the Convertkit team with the help of their tag-based subscriber system. It provides customers with various benefits such as: 
Each email will be counted only one time no matter if it has been used to subscribe to multiple forms made by you. Therefore, it eliminates duplicity. 
It provides the option of making a hyper-targeted list by which you can target some specific customers with the help of certain features such as auto-responder. 
You are not required to build extensive codes for automation.

4. Awesome Deliverability

ConvertKit is omnipotent from the spammers who use email marketing for frauds because it is expensive. It is not among those cheap marketing tools that are preferred more by spammers and it has a class. 
Therefore, you will always be under the safe hood and can expect high deliverability from your campaigns.

5. Easy WordPress Integration

WordPress is the first choice of bloggers when it comes to select a CMS. Therefore ConvertKit provides a special plugin for only WordPress users. 
Hence, it is a lot easier to use the amazing features of this marketing tool with WordPress.
You won’t require any other reason for purchasing it through the ConvertKit Black Friday sale
So these were some features of the best email marketing tool that you can purchase through the Convertkit Black Friday deals. But as we always state that price is dominant, let us have a look at it. 

ConvertKit Pricing Details

The dominating factor that is responsible for the variations in prices of the ConvertKit is the number of subscribers that you wish to manage through this tool. Let us start with the first one:

1. 29$ plan 

This plan is specifically for 1000 subscribers and is billed monthly (all the plans charge monthly). You are just required to pay $29 for managing up to 1000 subscribers. And almost all the premium features are included in this plan. 

2. 49$ plan 

This plan is for marketers who have a subscriber base of fewer than 3000 subscribers and more than 1000 subscribers. In easy words, the subscriber base must lie between 1000-3000. This plan also includes all the premium features that you get when you buy it from ConvertKit Black Friday deals. 

3. 79$ plan 

This plan is the ideal one for the people who are having more than 3000 subscribers and less than 5000 subscribers. It can manage such amount with ease. For just 79$ you will get access to all the premium features. 

4. Special plan 

This one is for people who have more than 5000 subscribers. The price is calculated in this plan. 

How To Activate ConvertKit Black Friday Deal 2019

2. Choose your preferred plan
3. After that, enter your credit/debit card details and grab this massive discount.
Congratulations! on making a wise decision and choosing the best email marketing for business.

FAQ Related To ConvertKit Black Friday Deals

1. What is ConvertKit Black Friday Deals?
Black Friday is the thanksgiving day and on this day many companies give some huge discount on their product and just like that ConvertKit is giving an amazing discount on their plans.
2. How can I grab convertkit black friday deal?
If you are looking to grab this amazing email marketing tool on this Black Friday then just click on this link to activate the discount.
3. Do you recommend ConvertKit?
Yes, of course, many top bloggers and affiliate marketer using this tool and seriously it’s an amazing tool for email marketing,
Currently, I’m also using to send the emails (You can check payment receipt below) 
4. Does convertkit offer a money-back guarantee on their plans?
Yes, convertkit offers 30 days money-back guarantee on there plans so If you don’t like their service then you can initiate the refund.
5. How much I save if I purchased Convertkit?
If you grab convertkit on this Black Friday then you will save almost 1100$
6. Why should I choose convertkit over many other email marketing tools?
Amazing question but My answer is simple that because convertkit provides very good features at a very affordable price,
Personally, I used many email marketing tools like Aweber and Getresponse but the main reason I shifted to convertkit because the email deliverability in convertkit is very good and the email lands on inbox folder.


That was all about the ConvertKit Black Friday sale. You must purchase this tool if you are an aspiring digital marketer,
I want to highly recommend you to must grabbed this amazing deal on this Black Friday and If you already grabbed this deal, Let me know in the comment section
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