Let me first introduce you to the Internet. Internet networks is a trap. Here all types of network are connected to each other. Right now the person who  is reading any post is also using the Internet. We have to use the Internet for almost all online works.

But have you ever had a question about what is the Internet and who made the Internet. What are its benefits and disadvantages? If you can tell the truth, Today can not live without Internet.

Everywhere from home to outside you need Internet for some works. Therefore, the that was use, it is important to know about that thing. In this post, I will give you complete information about the Internet. But before that I want to tell you a few things, in today`s time human being can live without electricity, without sleeping, without eating, but cannot live without Internet.

By the way, you must be thinking that it is a matter of saying but today`s time this is the truth for the younger generation. Because everyone uses mobile in today`s time. But have you ever thought "what is internet" and who created it. So, in today`s post, I will give you information about what is the internet and how it works. So, please read the post completely.

What is Internet

There is a huge network of Internet networks. Which is a global Computer network, it provides many types of information and communication facilities.

The internet is actually a very large network of interconnected networks. Which use standardized communication protocols to be interconnected. And this is also called transmission media. 

This web is a kind of wire, in which information and other things found on the Internet keeps on roaming around. Which is found on the internet in the form of photos, videos etc. In the Internet, Data and information are routed through routers and servers.

The router and the server itself connects all the computers in the world. The protocol that works in moving messages from one computer to another is called IP or Internet protocol. The programming under which the Internet runs is called protocol.

Internet means mutual networks. All these web servers are worldwide, hence it is called World Wide Web.

Who Searched the Internet

The Internet was not invented by any one person. Many engineers and scientists gave their support in making it. At the same time as the Cold War was going on in 1957, the US set up Advanced Researched Projects Agency (ARPA) which was aimed at making technology related things. With the help of which one computer can be connected to another computer.

In 1989 ARPA agency established ARPANET by which any computer could be connected to any other computer.

When did the internet start?

The Internet started on 1 January 1983. Initially it was called Network of Networks, then later it came to be known as Internet.

When did internet start in India?

Internet services was introduced among the people on 14 August 1995 in India.

What is the definition of internet

The Internet is a global wide area network that connects computer systems around the world through network. There are many high bandwidth data lines in the internet, which is called the backbone of the internet. These lines are connected to any smartphone or computer connected to the Internet. An Internet services provider must have an ISP access. It works between your computer and the Internet.

Most ISPs broadband provide internet access via a cable, DSL or fiver connection. When you want to connect your computer or smartphone to the Internet, then the Wi-Fi router gets connected with an ISP through a public WiFi signal and then you are able to use the Internet.

At the same time, those data towers have to be connected to some data service providers only then the provide internet to the connected device.

What are the features of internet?

Now you want to know about the features of the Internet, so let`s now know what are the features of the internet.

World Wide Web

1. The world wide web is only a part of the internet that helps the internet, it allows to view and navigate different types of data.

2. At the same time, a web page is a document that is encoded with HTML tags.

3. At the same time, HTML allows designers to link together via hyperlinks.

4. Each web page has a link address called a URL.


1. Electronic mail (E-mail) is a very popular part of the Internet, due to which people use the Internet.

2. To send or receive an e-mail message or a document, you have to create an e-mail account with a Domain name in the Internet mail server.

3. After this, to use E-mail, you will have to create a new E-mail Address you can also add your name to E-mail.


1. News is an Internet based service. There are many news groups involved in this.

2. All Topics have different newsgroups.


1. Telnet is a type of specialized service that allows to access content from one computer to another.

2. Create a Telnet Program on a Window host from which computers can access files. Commands issue, and exchange data.

3. Telnet is widely used by libraries that allow visitors to search for information or articles.

File Transfer Protocol

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