Friends, in this articles today, we will talk about blog and blogging and know how we can earn money through blogging by creating a blog. And I will try answer all the question related to blogging. If you want to online earn money by working, then you have come to right place to say that there are many ways to earn money from the Internet, but there are some ways that are completely fake.

When you work on such a fake way in the circle of such useless people, then you cannot achieve anything. And you feel that money cannot be made from the internet. Friends, in this post we will talk about the way that today`s In time, millions of people are working and earning money. Which is called Blogging, so let`s first understand what is Blogging, Blog and Blogger.

What is Blog

Blog or blogspot is a service of Google which works like a website, it is a free service provided by Google, in which you get Subdomain and Hosting free. Through the blog, you can share your information with the whole world. Like when we write a post on Facebook, that post is only accessible to some people, but you post written on the blog reaches every person who wants to get information about it on Google.

The blog or website is both the same. If put in clear words, Blog is a website in which there is no need to buy Domain name and Hosting, it can be made for free and Google has made it in such a way that everyone can easily create Blog and It can be used and it can be used the way a website work.

What Is Blogging

Creating a blog or website, posting posts on it everyday, publishing and designing a blog theme on it is called Blogging. we can write on any topic on Blog. whatever you are aware of, you can write about it. And also you can make your career in the world of Internet. With this, through blog you can earn money sitting at home online, in today`s time many people are earning money.

What is Blogger

The person who makes a blog or website blogs on it. Everyday someone shares some post. And to connect with people, it shares blogger information. It shares such information through its blog which helps someone. And people like to read it. So let`s now know in detail, what is blogging and what is blog.

How to start a blog - How to start blogging

Do you want to start blogging by creating a blog. You don`t need to do much to start blogging guys. First of all, you should have a little knowledge of blogging. So that you can do blogging in the best way. How can bring your blog to the world in the best way? I will tell you these methods in later post. Through which you can rank your blog in Search Engine. And you can reach your content to more people.

You will need a few things to start a blog, which is as follows.

  • Domain Name ( ex- )
  • Web Hosting
  • Computer/ Laptop/ Smartphone
  • Internet connection

How to start free blogging in India
How to start free blog

Friends, there are some platforms that give you a chance to create a free blog and start a blogging career. Below, I am going to tell you about some platforms, with which you can create a free blog.

1. Create a free website on

You can start blogging by creating a blog for free by visiting This is a platform that is most famous worldwide and most bloggers start their blogging career from this platform. Blog or website can be made very easily here. And work can be started for free. Many bloggers are earning money by making blog on this platform. You can also earn money from here.

2. Create a free website on is also very popular for paid bloggers. On this platform too, you can easily create a blog like This platform is mainly used for learning blogging, the only difference is that it does not allow you to earn money. This is the reason that people use in the beginning - for these reasons it is used a little less. On this platform you are given the option to customize more, with the help of which you can give a better looking blog. You also get lots of free themes here.

Can blog make money?

If you are wondering whether you can earn money from a blog. So the answer is, yes you can earn money by creating a blog. First you have to create a blog by going to and after that you will have to write 30-40 posts on it, and after that you will have to apply for Adsense. And when you get approval, You can easily earn money by placing ads on your blog.

Blog on which topic?

You can create a blog on the subject on which you are interested to write, you can do blogging on any subject such as sports, entertainment, health, technology, insurance etc. Whatever kind of interest you are interested in. You can create your own blog. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that you do not write a blog on any subject that harms people.
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