Are you fond of writing, and you like to write. Or do you like sharing knowledge with others. And you are thinking how should I share my knowledge with others, then friends there is no need to think now. You have come to the right palace.

In blog writing, first of all you have a create a blog or website, blog or website means as online place where you can publish your thoughts and knowledge on the internet through articles and pictures. You can any type of article on the blog, but one thing you have to keep in mind is that do not write any article that someone has to lose. Otherwise you can take any topic like fashion, tech, health, lifestyle, comedy whatever.

What is blog writing

Writing a blog or website and writing posts in it that people benefits from reading, is called blog writing. Now the question may have come in your mind that how to create a blog, and how to write posts So friends there is nothing to worry about, it is very easy to create a blog. In today`s post, I will try to answer all the question related to blog writing. So read the full post.

To write a blog, first you need to create a blog. After that the blog will have to be designed well. So let`s know in details.

What are the types of blogs?

There are two types of blog.

1. Free blog

Free blogs are those which you do not need any money to create. These blogs are made absolutely free. There are some platforms on the Internet that allow you to create blog for free. By using this platform, you can easily create a blog for free and give a new flight to your dream, that is you can learn blogging.

2. Paid blog

Paid blogs are those that you have to spend money to make. Most paid blogs are made on wordpress. To create a paid blog, you must first buy a Domain name, after that you will have to buy Web Hosting. After that you have to setup it, after that you can create this website. In this, you can customize the blog according to yourself. There are many Plugins to add new Features to it. With the help of which you can give a better look to your website.

How to crate a free blog on internet

If you know how to use the Internet in a small computer or smartphone, then you will not face much difficulty in creating a blog. In this blog post, we are telling you about two websites from where you can start writing your blog by making a free  blog and website. and are both the most popular platforms for making platform free blog and website. So let`s now know how to create blogs on both these platforms.


1. How to create a blog on

This service is provided to you by Google because blogger is Google`s service. Which is very popular for learning blogging by creating a blog. Many popular bloggers started their blog writing with this only,. You too can start you blogging career by creating your free blog, in this you are also given free subdomain and hosting is also given free.

1. First of all, you have to open your browser.

2. After that you have to go to

3. After that you have to login with your Gmail Account.
4. After that you have to click on create blog.

5. After that you have to write the title of the blog.

6. After that you have to enter unique blog address, if the blog address given by you will be unique then you will see the message of This blog address is available.

7. After that you have to choose the theme.
8. After that you have to click on create blog.
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