Hello friends, have you also maintained your YouTube channel? And you want to rank your YouTube video. So you are reading the right post, in this post today, we are going to tell you some tips that you can easily rank your video by following it. Also we will tell you how to do YouTube SEO? With which you can rank your YouTube video, the views on your videos will be also increase. So do read the post till the end.

In today`s time, there is so competition in everything that it is very difficult to get ahead. Likewise, there is so much competition on YouTube that if someone starts their channel right now by creating their own YouTube channel and publishes the video, then their video gets hardly 40 to 50 views and some YouTube creators is thinking about seeing so few views It turns out that this work is useless. At the same time, his motivational gets exhausted and he does not publish by creating more videos, due to which he does not know how to rank the channel well.

Therefore, we should do any work with utmost diligence and hard work, till we get success in that work. And we should also find out why our YouTube video is not getting much views. Why is our YouTube channel not to rank? Everyone has a question in the mind of the new YouTube channel creator that how do we rank our YouTube video? Therefore, in this post of today, we will try to answer your every question.

First of all, you have to do YouTube SEO (search engine optimization). First you have to SEO in your YouTube channel, then you have to SEO your YouTube video. SEO means search engine optimization. Meaning that you have to optimize your video to get it in YouTube search list. Like suppose a person searches a keyword on YouTube and your video appears in the first list on YouTube, then that person will see your video. This is called SEO.

How to rank YouTube Video

Friends, today we will know some tips with the help of which we will be able to rank our YouTube videos easily.

1. Quality Content

Friends, if you want your video to appear on the first page in YouTube search, then for this you will have to increase the content quality of your video. Because YouTube ranks high quality content video quickly. And video with low quality content does not rank quickly on YouTube.

While making the video, try to make sure that your video is of HD quality, for this, you have made the video 720p. So that the content of the video is clearly visible your viewers.

2. Enter Keyword

Keyword search of the topic on which you create a video, many YouTube channel creator who have just started YouTube channel. He does not know whether to insert the keyword in YouTube video or else, he does not enter the keyword. Because of which their videos could not rank in YouTube search. Remember, you must insert the keyword in your YouTube video because when you publish your video, YouTube first checks your keyword and tries to find out what your video is about and how many numbers your video ranks. Will do on which keyword to rank your video.

We should use the keyword to rank our YouTube videos and use as much short keyword as possible. Because it is mostly seen that video ranks quickly on short keyword. Use only 5-8 word at most.

3.Write about the video in the Description box

Whatever you are showing in your video, write about it in the description box. With this, YouTube search will give more importance to your video and will rank your video quickly. But yes, you should keep in mind that you have to write genuine things in the description box., otherwise YouTube will not rank your video quickly. And with this, write a description that is also a search keyword of your video, this will make the video rank quickly.

4. Use #tag in your video

You can rank your videos twice as fast by using #tag in your YouTube videos. Now a question must have come in your mind that what is this #tag after all. With friends #tag, YouTube easily finds out what the video is about.

#tag means that you have to enter short keyword, like suppose you have made a video above "how to make money online" then your #tag will be make_money, similarly you have to use at least three to four #tag.

#tag You have to write in the description box itself, and write it together so that YouTube search can know what your video is made of. And to rank your video quickly.

5. Talk about the issue in the video

You have to increase the watch time of the video to bring your video to the first page of YouTube search. Like suppose you have created a video of 8 minutes and the viewers remove the video watching it for 3 minutes, this will make YouTube feel that your video is useless, and YouTube search will not rank your video. So do not waste time in your video, talk about the man issue.

Try to solve the problem of users in the video you are making, this will make the viewers watch your video till the end, and YouTube video will rank faster.


Friends, if you follow the steps given by us correctly, then I hope that your YouTube channel will rank faster and your videos will also rank faster. And you will be able to monetize your YouTube channel easily. How did you like our post, tell us this through a comment. If you like this post of ours, then you must share it with your friends. If you have any suggestion, do let us know by commenting. Thank you+

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