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Patna: The truth of Bihar's health system has been hidden in the House because the report that the Chief Minister has told is quite different from this. The Chief Minister has agreed to only 6100 investigations and he said this during the review meeting held with the PM. Tejashwi said that Mangal Pandey has said to check 53% but the reality is only 5%. He said that the limit of lying in the politics of Bihar is over and the truth is being hidden about the investigation.

Tejashwi said that lying inside the house is the biggest crime, he also showed a video of Mangal Pandey's statement in the house. Tejashwi said that today even in government hospitals in Bihar, money is being taken to check the coronavirus, in private hospitals, the loot of money was already being hatched. Tejashwi said that the Center gave Rs 890 crore to the states, but Bihar has not been included in it. Bihar was not given money to do karana, in this case whether Nitish Kumar asked for money or not.

Tejashwi said in a tone that why Bihar is being discriminated against, whereas there is talk of having a double engine government here. He said that Nitish Kumar holds a meeting with the PM but he does not get the money. CM Nitish Kumar has also lied to the PM. CM has said to investigate in 5 medical colleges, while not a single has been given to even one in ICMR. Here only lies are being told in the name of investigation.

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