Before the Bihar Assembly elections, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has taken action against its three MLAs. The RJD expelled its three MLAs - Maheshwar Prasad Yadav, Prema Chaudhary and Faraj Fatmi - for anti-party activities. The RJD has expelled the three MLAs from the party for 6 years.

RJD national general secretary Alok Mehta has given this information. Alok Mehta has said that these three MLAs were involved in anti-party activities. Therefore, on the instructions of National President Lalu Yadav, all of them have been expelled from the party for 6 years.

JDU leader Shyam Rajak may hold 'lantern' on Monday
On the other hand, on Monday, JDU leader and Bihar's Industries Minister Shyam Rajak can hold the 'Lantern' of RJD. According to the source, two JDU MLAs along with Shyam Rajak and a minister in the government can also join RJD with Shyam Rajak.

Who is Maheshwar Prasad Yadav?
Maheshwar Prasad Yadav is an RJD MLA from Gayaghat in Muzaffarpur. He was a headache for the RJD since the fall of the Grand Alliance government of Bihar. Maheshwar was constantly praising Nitish Kumar's policies.

Who is Faraj Fatmi?
Faraz Fatmi is the son of former Union Minister and RJD's strongman Ali Ashraf Fatmi. Last year, Ali Ashraf Fatmi left the RJD due to lack of ticket in the Lok Sabha elections and joined the JDU after the election. This year, Faraj joined the JDU's Bhuda Chuda-Dahi Bhoj and exp
ressed his displeasure with the RJD. But had made it clear.

Who is Prema Chaudhary? Prema Chaudhary is an RJD MLA from Patepur in Vaishali. She was also running against the party line for quite some time. This year, he joined the human chain of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and declared a revolt.
It is believed that these three MLAs have already made up their mind to join JDU. Maheshwar Yadav was constantly praising Nitish Kumar while in the party, while Faraz Fatmi's father, Ali Ashraf Fatmi, joined the JDU ever since Faraz Fatmi's move to JDU had intensified.

RJD avoided taking out a rebel
However, RJD has not taken any action against another rebel Chandrika Rai. Chandrika Rai is also the father-in-law of Tejapratap. Tejapratap is also facing trial for divorce from his wife i.e. Chandrika Rai's daughter Aishwarya Rai. On the other hand, Tejashwi had recently included Chandrika Rai's niece Karishma in the party. It is clear that Lalu does not want to take any action against Chandrika Rai during the election because of his family affairs. They fear loss in elections.
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