जब NDTV के पत्रकार Ravish Kumar ने अमित शाह का इंटरव्यू लिया था- विडियो देखें

Ravish Kumar: Ravish Kumar did an interview of Amit Shah in the year 2007, which he mentioned in prime time. He told that 2007 was the year. I was a fresh new reporter. The results of the Gujarat assembly elections were coming. I was posted at Amit Shah's house. Mine since 2014 No meeting with Amit Shah. This time when the results were coming in 2019 when the BJP made a roster of 48 spokespersons to send to the channels, not a single spokesperson was named for my program but I was in Amit Shah's house in the year of 2007. Right inside With the same red mike. I was inside Amit Shah's house when Amit Shah is going to the counting center with his mother's blessing, touching his feet. I want to show you Before the result, Amit Shah had said that BJP would get two-third seats and the result was the same.

Neither did I change nor Amit Shah. With this answer of Amit Shah, you can understand his style of politics. Probably no place for atonement. But I saw Amit Shah addressing 100-50 workers in the Delhi Assembly elections. I thought that the national president would return after seeing such a small crowd, but Amit Shah had completed his program in the area of ​​South Delhi. Amit Shah is the President of Somnath Temple Trust. He has also been the President of Gujarat Cricket Association. Life journey of a politician is interesting.

Amit Shah has also changed BJP. A new BJP office was built in dozens of districts. Amit Shah planned them and before the end of his term, a new office of BJP was ready in many districts of the country. We have heard about the leaders of the other party that after taking money from the party, they fled to another party, but under the direction of Amit Shah, many new offices of BJP were formed. Delhi's headquarters is grand. A new political system should have been estimated from these offices as well.

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