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How to buy Wordpress hosting The question is for every new blogger who wants to create a new website on WordPress (WordPress) or either those who are already on Blogger and are thinking of migrating from Blogspot to WordPress , all of them hosting topics. It is very important to know, so let's know how to buy web hosting - How To Buy Web Hosting For Your Website

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Wordpress Hosting

As you have told in previous posts, there are two types of web hosting depending on the operating system. Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting and web hosting based on website support Shared Website Hosting is Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Web Hosting, so first of all you have to select which Wordpress hosting you want to buy.

Before buying Wordpress hosting, you have to decide what type of website you want to create, according to the hosting plan, here we are talking about getting a hosting plan for WordPress (WordPress) because WordPress Hosting It is very easy to use and has many features and that is why 22% of the world's websites are built on WordPress, so if you are getting started on WordPress, then you can share any shared hosting Can choose a plan -

This plan starts from Rs. 99 to Rs. 499 per month.It has different features in all plans, like here you are also being given a free domain in 199 per month in economy plan and in the plan of Rs. 699 per month, you will get the first. SSL certificate is being given for the year, which is very important for any website in today's time if you take any other hosting.

Which is very important for any website in today's time, if you take any other wordpress hosting, then you have to buy SSL separately, which costs about 40000 years, then it is a matter of shared hosting plan, now let's talk about WordPress. Of hosting

WordPress hosting is made by keeping in mind only the WordPress website Hosting but here you will see in this plan monthly visitors have been monthly visitors who visit your site in a month and their IP address is counted and its Also here is the number of websites, if you want to create a website on a WordPress, you can choose a plan of 699 per month.

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