Insurance in Hindi What is insurance, its type, importance and benefits, know in detail in Hindi and know its technical aspects and history. What are life and general insurance, why is it necessary for protection, what are its benefits and how do you get exemption from insurance premiums. What is the definition of insurance and its principles. If you buy insurance

It is the only financial instrument that helps you manage your financial risks easily and reduce your financial concerns. In this article, you will know the information about insurance, what is insurance and all the aspects related to it in easy language. What is Insurance in details? And will also tell you about how to buy insurance

An insurance policy is a contract entered into by a bond in which an individual or entity receives financial protection against losses from the insurance company. The insurance company collects money from all the insured by taking premium from which the risk of the customers is paid. Insurance policies are used to hedge against the risk of a large or small financial loss that may harm the insured or his property, or a loss that may result from damage or injury to a third party.

The trading history is divided into two parts, the first was when the exchange of goods was traded and the second after the circulation of currency, while the basis of trade came from transactions with currencies. Even when the currency did not start to prevail, even if the house of someone in the society was destroyed in a disaster, the people of the village community would have got together to compensate for that loss.

After this, the next question is what are the types of Insuarance. There are mainly two types of insurance, life insurance and general insurance. Life insurance is the life insurance of a person in which the sum assured is paid along with the sum assured bonus on completion of the term and if the insured dies, the sum assured is paid to the nominee. General insurance is insurance of items in which financial loss is incurred in case of theft, damage or loss of property in an accident.

While taking insurance, keep in mind how much is the sum assured. The sum assured should not be so low that the benefits of insurance cannot be fully met and it should not be more than the requirement. Read the calculation of sum assured and other information in detail.

Whenever someone takes life insurance, they have to nominate someone for it, which can be given the amount of insurance claim on death of the insured. The choice of your nominee should be done carefully and if necessary, changes should also be made in time. Read in detail, whose name should be filled in the nomination and what should be kept in mind while filling it

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